Eyrarbakki.is is an information portal about Eyrarbakki, a village with a long history and a bright
future. In Eyrarbakki the history and culture can be seen at every step. The old “urban landscape”
that has been preserved in Eyrarbakki is unique on the south coast. Walking down the village street
you can experience the past lives of the town and enjoy the service at restaurants, shops and more.

On this website you can find varied information about the history of the town and the services it
offers. Hopefully our visitors can find the informatuion they were looking for.

Don’t hesitate to send us information about what is going on in Eyrarbakki – we will publish it at the
first opportunity.

The map in the background shows the old houses that still stand in Eyrarbakki.

The above photos were taken by Arni Geirsson, Bob van Duin and Magnus Karel Hannesson.